Avinode intensifies focus on charter market innovation through sale of Wyvern Consulting

20 Feb 2014

Avinode, the world’s leading marketplace for buying and selling air charter online, is increasing its focus on new technologies to streamline air charter operations with the sale of aircraft safety arm Wyvern Consulting.

Wyvern Consulting Ltd, which became part of Avinode Group through the 2010 acquisition of CharterX and was managed as a standalone business, has been sold to Nexus Services America LLC for an undisclosed sum.

Niklas Berg, CEO of Avinode Group, says: “Wyvern Consulting is one of the most respected and established brands in the air charter industry and will continue to prosper under its new owners. However, Avinode’s mission has always been to develop breakthrough technologies that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the air charter market. Through the sale of Wyvern, we are better able to focus our energies and investment upon further enhancements to the Avinode Marketplace technology and our SchedAero charter sales and operations management software.

“The air charter market continues to evolve and Avinode remains at the forefront of change, providing indispensable technologies for established players and new market entrants alike. Our latest innovations, such as the launch of the Avinode Market APIs, enabling Avinode customers to easily create their own consumer-facing private jet booking app or website powered by Avinode’s proprietary search engine, are creating invaluable business opportunities for our customers and we have more exciting developments in the pipeline.”

Avinode remains the technology provider for Wyvern and will continue to collaborate with the business. Wyvern operator ratings, Wyvern Wingman and Wyvern Registered, will continue to be available in the Avinode Marketplace.

Berg says: “The selling of Wyvern is a win-win for all parties involved. Wyvern customers will continue to have access to best-in-class safety information delivered by Avinode’s modern technology platform, and Wyvern will continue to grow its global database of audited air charter companies.”

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