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SchedAero by Avinode is now available in Europe

07 May 2012

Over the past three years the team behind Avinode, the world’s largest marketplace for air charter, has been working behind the scenes to develop the next revolution in air charter, SchedAero.

Over the past three years the team behind Avinode, the world’s largest marketplace for air charter, has been working behind the scenes to develop the next revolution in air charter, SchedAero. The system, which has already launched in the U.S. market, has quickly grown in popularity, due to its ability to improve operational efficiency and increase charter sales.

“Over the past 6 months we have completely rebuilt SchedAero to meet the needs of European market.” Says Niklas Berg, Managing Director of SchedAero. “We have over 100 customers in the US and we are really happy to be able to give Europeans the opportunity to take advantage of the software as well.”

As an online flight operations system, SchedAero is a new concept in the market. It allows the operators to manage their entire process online, from a broker’s trip request to the pilots filling in their flightlogs. SchedAero is also fully integrated with both the Avinode Marketplace and Wyvern making it easy for smaller operators to keep their workflow streamlined and ensure that they are always compliant.

”We introduced SchedAero to our flight operations in 2011, and quickly discovered the advantage of having a complete system that integrated our operations with customers, flight crew and sales brokers.” Says Mats Ferm, Flight Operations Manager at Bluelink Jets. “In an instant, all company personnel and customers involved in the operation could easily see the booking, the sales brokers all over the world could get quick quotes and we have received positive feedback from all regarding the system.”

The tool is built for smaller operators and has no upfront cost for installation, which makes it easy to get started. The system has also been updated to look and feel like Avinode and those with both Avinode and SchedAero memberships can easily switch between applications without having to login again.

“This is the next big thing for Avinode Group.” Says Niclas Wennerholm, CEO of the Avinode Group. “ We are not only committed to building a robust application, we are also committed to bring our clients the best service and support. With offices in three time-zones, there should always be someone available to assist our members.”

SchedAero is a wholly owned subsidiary of Avinode Group and will reveal all of its features at 14:00 on Monday May 14thin the Avinode booth (#749).

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07 May 2012

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07 May 2012


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