You can’t predict the future without looking at the past

In 2002, three students had an idea to reshape an industry that used to rely on finding their business in a heavy book with contact information. Little did they know, it would change the way air charter professionals work forever.

After two decades of constantly moving standards, we find ourselves at the core of the business aviation industry. Today Avinode serves 1 000 companies worldwide and handles 1 000 000 requests each month.

Moving people, planes and standards

Over the years we’ve replaced some old-fashioned systems with beautiful and efficient code. Because that’s what we do: advance the industry through innovation and technology. Remember the mile long paper trail a single private flight used to leave? Or having to call the bank to verify a payment? We’re glad those days are over.


Serving the best clients

It is thanks to our clients we have managed to keep on the right track throughout the years. Avinode Group would be nowhere without the dedication, support, and feedback of our members. Hear some of their thoughts on Avinode as well as their predictions of the future of the industry.


Attracting core talent

There is more to the employees of Avinode Group than hard skills. Through the years, we have turned a bunch of fun-loving and unique individuals into a powerful “us”. Interested in joining our team? Our door is always open.


How it all started

Avinode was the first company to move business aviation online. It was a move that the historians might call disruption, and that’s flattering, but we’ve always seen it simply as providing the essential technology that business aviation deserves. Let us take you back to 2002 when the Avinode marketplace was born and what happened next.

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