Integrated Payment Solutions

tailored to the needs of brokers and operators in business aviation

Seamless and Secure Transactions in Your Current Workflow

We know that air charter brokers and operators face unique challenges when it comes to processing payments. Payments within the industry involve high-value amounts, are often sent at short notice, and may cross borders, making the industry a target for fraudulent activities.

At Avinode Group, we want to make the booking and payment experience for buying and selling a private jet charter better. That’s why we’ve created a payment solution that’s all about improving your experience. Our trusted payment platform is designed to meet the unique needs of the industry, ensuring you can enjoy secure and efficient transactions.

With just a few clicks, you can securely request and track payments, choosing from multiple options like credit cards, wire transfers, and Instant Payments.

All payment options in one workflow

Secure payment while offering your client a first-class experience. When sending a payment request, you can include several combinations of payment methods you’d like to make available, and let your client choose how they wish to pay for the trip.

The different options will be presented with an overview of the fees per method, so your customer can easily get an outlook of their preferred method. All details are securely integrated into the payment request, removing any uncertainty of email safety.


Easy and secure payment options

Tailored for your charter sales business

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A handy guide for air charter professionals

Take a closer look at the risks of payment fraud and learn how effective solutions can help you to enhance security for payment processes. Download the white paper to learn 4 game-changing tactics for handling payments in your charter sales workflow:


  • Up-to-date fraud & security solutions
  • Vetting of customers and transactions
  • Reconciliation of information
  • A partner that can handle high-value transactions

BRENTON MELVILLE – Payment Specialist – Avinode Group

In our own journey to simplify payments within the industry, we have gained valuable insights into the common business challenges that exist around payments. My team and I have put together some ideas and thoughts for things to consider when thinking about how you handle your own booking and payment processes today. We hope to help guide you to find good solutions to your payment challenges that are not only safe and secure but also lead to a more efficient and streamlined way of working”, says Brenton Melville of Avinode Group.