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This is how National Jets influenced our new crew scheduling features

27 Oct 2020

Our customers rely on Schedaero to run their operation seamlessly, so as we work to constantly improve the platform, who better to help us but the people using it every day? Stephane Cottrell, Director of Operations at National Jets, is just one of those valued customers testing our latest developments. He shares his experience of being involved in making our industry-leading product the best it can be.

How long have you been a Schedaero customer, Stephane?

We’ve been using Schedaero for almost a year, and this is our second time around. We previously moved to another system because some areas of Schedaero weren’t quite right for us. But huge changes have been made recently – I mean really significant improvements – and we’re enjoying being part of the process of moving the platform on even further.

How did you get involved with the testing process?

Johan (Sjöberg) and the team at Schedaero approached us and asked what it would take to have us back as a customer. It was that simple.

We sat down and made a list of things we wanted the platform to do for us. Our ultimate goal as a business is to have a paperless system which is approved by our POI and compliant with our operation specification, AO25.

We discussed what improvements would be needed to do this, and the Schedaero team asked if we wanted to participate in seeing these developments through. We jumped at the chance and it’s been a great experience.

It must be nice to be asked your opinion on a product you use daily.

Yes, it is. We’re able to help shape a product that fits us, but we understand that it needs to fit the industry too. That’s why at times we’ve been clear to say, “We wouldn’t use this feature, but we think other operators would so you may want to consider it.”

And you also know from experience what else is out there.

That’s true. Having used other similar systems on the market, we’ve seen what they have to offer, and what the opportunities are for Schedaero.

What’s the biggest improvement to Schedaero you’ve seen since being involved in testing?

I’d say the App. It has transformed how pilots work because they don’t have to go onto the website anymore. Being able to enter their data via the pilot application is a game-changer for them.

But there are so many more developments just around the corner. Obviously, the new crew scheduling functionality has been under beta testing and is due to be released. That will also integrate with the App. And when we’re able to go paperless, that will be monumental.

Throughout testing you must have seen how the Schedaero team balance technology with user experience.

Absolutely. I think a lot of credit must go to Sandro Chiappe for that, because he’s our voice amongst the tech team. He’s a pilot, so he knows exactly what we need. He listened to us, and really communicated that to the developers.

So, what’s next, Stephane? I suppose the improvements never stop.

That’s right. Once we tick off one item, we’re onto the next. We’re currently working on the crew scheduling module and we’ve recently started improving the maintenance integration side of the platform. It’s constant test and evolve, and there are exciting times ahead.

– – – –

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