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The Noder culture.

You’ve found the secret page. Serendipity, right? 

If you’re curious about who the people working at Avinode Group are (a.k.a Noder Nation), this is the place for you. And hopefully, you will fall in love. 

There are so many things beyond our control, but our company and the way we work is something that we know we can shape exactly as we want it to be. It’s our little piece of the world that we can make our own.

We want Avinode Group to be something everyone can be part of, and we take pride in who we are, what we do, and how we do it.


Here’s the breakdown. 

What Noders are all about.

As a whole, we “Noders” are a passionate, sort of goofy, and generally down-to-earth crew. Our open and collaborative work culture empowers every single person to come forward with new ideas and see them to fruition. We care about what we create, have thought it through, and are ready to iterate quickly.
We are proud to say that 80% of the industry uses our technology. But it didn’t get this way
by chance. We can trace our success back to the principles we’re driven by:
Curiosity is our constant. We are insatiable question-askers and future-prodders. “How
could this be better?” is a question in continuous rotation.
We are doers. We know we learn best by doing. Seeing (the right) things built is our
greatest source of satisfaction.
Communication flows freely. Up, down, and sideways communication is how we make the
right decisions and move forward swiftly.
Stepping up is second-nature. Noders leave things better than they found them, especially
Relationships matter. Everything of value we create ultimately stems from our relationships
with each other and our customers.

The office we call home.

It’s in the heart of Gothenburg city – built by our community, sparked by our curiosity. We have fancy monitors and pretty sofas, especially the big blue one in “The Cloud”. Off-topic, but seriously, you should check it out! Next level comfort. With a flat white in your left hand and a grilled cheese sandwich in your right? Wow. Just wow.

It’s a place where great work and collaboration is taking place and Fifa winners are being announced and ultimately, making history (no joke, we take Fifa seriously). But also a place where we care for each other’s wellbeing as much as the wellbeing of our office. Use it as if it’s your own house, or actually, your parent’s house. A place where you can feel your most comfortable self but just enough to also take responsibility for your usage of it by respecting the rules. 

We have some standard rules to follow. Let us bring you up to speed. 

If you’re the quiet type or have some work you need to finish without getting disturbed, we have the perfect place for you, The Library. Here, Noders are not allowed to disturb you while passing by. Literally. See it as your own imaginary wall. The key is to not make eye contact, if you can’t see them, they can’t see you.

We also have our Quiet Rooms, where the same rules apply. Only that here you have the luxury of a door, and with the force of your body you can keep Noders out. On the other hand, if you like the office “noise” and every now and then crave some attention, keep close to the commercial teams in the Flexible Areas. Pro tip – this is a great place to “accidentally” overhear secret conversations and if you’re lucky, you might find out what happened during our skiing trip 2017. Some say the story is just as legendary as the story of the Loch Ness monster. Don’t overthink it..

And if you’re a massive cheeseburger fanatic? Unless you’re up for the challenge to finish it with only two fingers, we would recommend you to eat it in the Kitchen. You see, there’s a “no food” rule in the Coffee Stop unless you can eat it with two fingers. And by saying that, we’re sure your first thought is, “That’s a challenge I’d love to take on”. We’ve all been there and we’ve tried it all. Soup included.

There are more guidelines and areas of the office you need to be aware of, but by this time we’re sure you’re busy imagining all the ways you can challenge the two-finger rule, so let’s save those for later. We tailored the office to suit every type of individual and their preferred ways to work and collaborate.

Office surroundings.

As mentioned, our office is located in the heart of Gothenburg just nearby one of the larger transport hubs in the city. This did not happen by chance as many of us prefer to move around by public transport or bikes and we want it to be easily accessible for everyone. The same thing goes for gyms, yoga studios, indoor beach volleyball, and more to make it easier and more fun to take breaks from work.

We all know the feeling and uncontrollable tantrums as a result of being hangry. To avoid that, we’ve put together a list of our favorite go-to lunch places (and snacks, let’s be honest) along with the most helpful Google reviews we could find:

Roshani Indian restaurant – “Totally inedible”

Hing Wa – “The food gave me flashbacks to the 80s”

Slakthuset – “Bearable”

Al Habesha (Ethiopian restaurant) “Probably good if you like Ethiopian food.”

Backyard “The beer tasted like soap” & “It’s a windy place even though they have glass around to protect. But it doesn’t help when the wind is almost always from the west…”

Hannas salladsbar “The strangest food combination I have ever eaten. Crayfish + scrimps + salmon + oyster sauce and SPAGHETTI…”

Hyaku “The chairs were very uncomfortable”

Backside “The duck felt like rubber and the wine tasted like toilet water”.

Wine mechanics “Watch out! Had to get the menu myself..”

Work hard, play harder.

Although creating industry-changing software with kick-ass features is our specialty and driving force at work, we highly suggest everyone to walk away from the desk and recharge their batteries every now and then. We’re very competitive and social, so anything from intense FIFA games, Pokemon walks, dance battles, indoor golf tournaments to board games and workout sessions in our indoor gym. Some even dedicate time to do a stair sesh going from the entrance floor to our office on the 15th floor, but we can really elaborate on that as we’re struggling to understand why a person would do that willingly. But we love the dedication. 

A week dedicated for play.

Every year we decide on a week where we together with our US Noders pause all ongoing BAU duties to investigate new tools and technologies or implement a crazy idea that we would never be asked to do in our day-to-day work. Some ideas actually make it to production, like the project “Dude Where’s My Aircraft?” and “Recent Quotes and Trips”, whereas some just live on in Avinode Group lore. Either way, this is meant to take a break from your usual work to collaborate with Noders on fun, and often non-work related, projects. 

Much like a creative mind’s dream.

What you need to know.

For well deserved time off. 

Life is short. So it should be fulfilling and fun. While a lot of that happens at work, we know realistically that not eeeeverything happens at work and we need time off work to reenergize. Software is our thing, but so is raising a family, tumbling down the Alps and competing in an international quidditch tournament. To help you in your journey to become the next Quidditch gold medalist, we offer 30 vacation days (6 weeks) each year. Don’t let us down. We believe in you. The sky is the limit. Or should we say, the quality of your broom is the limit. As long as you’re not team Slytherin.

When parenthood is just around the corner. 

Just as important as it is for us to recruit new Noders, it’s also important for us to create and raise them, and to do it well! We support the importance to connect with your newborn right from the get-go, and as a Swedish company we have a solid and very necessary policy in place for the new-parent Noders. Parents are entitled to full leave for the care of children until the child is 18 months old. In addition, a parent is entitled to full leave while receiving full parental benefits.

Clocking in and out is not our thing.

Even though we enjoy working together we sometimes find it difficult to leave each others side and our goodbyes are often much like the memorable Titanic scene. But in order to have a functioning workplace where we can plan meetings and be available to employees, customers and partners, we have office hours 9-16. Normal working hours are 40 hours per week, but in temporarily high workload due to for example a system maintenance during weekends or in case of many late evenings prior to fair or release, Noders will together with their manager agree on extra leave as a compensation. 

There are very few things we are against, but discrimination is on top of that list.  

To think different we need to be different. We are committed to providing a work environment free of discrimination, we maintain a strict policy prohibiting all types of harassment, including sexual harassment. We strive to achieve equality and diversity in all departments and functions in Avinode Group. People have different experiences, viewpoints and ways of expressing themselves. We love that and therefore want a diversity of backgrounds and beliefs.

On the daily.

Keeping up with the (no, no, not them) news. And Noders. Most of our internal communication happens through Slack – important organizational news and changes, team happenings, events and office communications etc. Once you’ve caught up with the need-to-know stuff, we have more, should we say topic-specific channels. Such as:


The name pretty much says it all. A channel dedicated to our best furiends.


Anything that happens in the life of a Noder can be shared here. It’s the place where we share photos amongst teams and offices, pretty much of anything. No rules, but if there was it would be “photos only”.


As explained later on, this is where we share healthy habits, activities and challenges related to Friskvårdstimmen.

Dress how you want. Who are we to judge?

We don’t do dress codes. We’re easily impressed and just happy that you show up to work fully dressed.

Snack break, please. 

We love food in all its shapes and sizes. Mostly because of the wonderful kick of dopamine it gives us but also because it fuels us to finish off our work. Every Thursday we all gather for Fika and every Friday we serve Swedish candy for everyone to devour. And wow, have we mastered the craft.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “fika”:


A Swedish word, pronounced feekah. It is when you eat e.g. a sweet cake, cookie or even regular sandwich, normally with some kind of beverage. Preferably coffee or tea, but any form of soda is commonly accepted!

Why not cycle to work?

Some might think that taking the car to work is the most comfortable way to get to the office and the Gothenburg trams are nothing but a peaceful journey. If you ask us, breaking a sweat while biking to work on an early Monday morning must be the winner! There’s plenty of bicycle parking around Gamlestands Torg but our office also comes with its own bike storage room. And if you don’t have one, what do you do? You borrow one. Or two. We have Electrical bikes to borrow for errands during the day.

I can hear my own thoughts, turn the music up!

We’ll keep this short. Music! We have it, we love it, we play it and we do under no circumstances, pause it. It brings life to the office and is a way to express ourselves, in the Flexible Areas of course. We even go as far as having theme days. Yeah, we know..


Noders at Avinode Group are spread around the globe and even though we work closely on a daily basis, we have some global company-wide meetings for different purposes. Like most companies we of course have department meeting, cross-team meetings and project-specific meetings but there’s two we think are worth mentioning.

Speakers Corner is a weekly global wide meeting for any Noder to present on topics, projects, results, learnings, inspiration and sometimes even personal things the Noder is passionate about.

Town Hall is a monthly Global wide meeting where important updates from the management team are communicating around organizational updates, company and industry news and any other business-related information necessary for all Noders to be informed about.

The reason is that we want some updates to reach all departments and locations at the same time.

Healthy, happy Noders.

We hire Noders for one reason – simply because we need them! In their best form. We believe it is important to exercise, not only for the body but also the mind. To take breaks and refresh your mind. So we’ve put together a few initiatives to help us along the way. And if any other ideas pops up in mind, we have our designated Sports Committee ready to take it on. We’re always looking to improve and expand our offers! 


Many of us are suffering from the well-known excess energy syndrome and therefore we want Noders to have a lot of options as to where, when and how they choose to exercise. We offer all Noders, regardless of their form of employment, a healthcare allowance of 400 SEK per month to spend on healthcare.

We use Benify that offers over 1100 benefits for discounted prices on gym memberships, training gear, glasses and many many more great offers. Bad sight hits most of us at one point in our lives. Whether it’s a result of aging or just being blessed with another quality that adds to one’s uniqueness. Either way, we have great offers to level up your game on pretty much most things.

As mentioned, our Sports Committee is always setting up activities and outings to keep us happy and healthy. One highly appreciated and well-used initiative is what we call “friskvårdstimma”, which is 2 h/week during office hours that we can use for personal training activities, whether it’s used for a walk around the area or a Padel session. Simple, but yet so effective.

That's all.

All in all, we love what we do. We’re open-minded, laid back and generally easy-going people. Heavy believers in collaboration, open communication and hard work, all made in a fun way.

Don't just take our word for it.

Talk to us, because websites are terrible listeners. 

Get in touch at [email protected] if you’re interested in joining the team or find a friendly-looking Noder on LinkedIn to contact directly for a chat. 

We’re a talkative bunch and would love to connect with people who are curious about Avinode Group.