Schedaero brand guidelines

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Schedaero Logotype

Our logotype is available in four different variations. The original logo, with blue text and the yellow arrow, should be used whenever possible. Though situations will arise when it’s necessary to use the black or white variations.




“Another new business aviation essential from Avinode Group”

The payoff should be used in situations where Avinode is the sender of a message, and there is a need to attach a message about what Avinode Group is all about. Email footers, email signatures, advertisements are some examples.

Our Colours

Schedaero’s signature colors are based on the colors in our logo. Since there are three, we have more than enough to create harmonic brand communications. The blue colors serve as base and the yellow is for highlighting important messages and buttons. It’s our “Hey, look here!” color.

Night Blue
HEX #17304D
CMYK C96, M80, Y44, K40
RGB R23, G48, B77
Misty Blue
HEX #1976E0
CMYK C75, M46, Y0, K0
RGB R64, G126, B201
Yellow Sky
HEX #F1B739
CMYK C4, M20, Y80, K0
RGB R245, G200, B80

Our Typography

Open Sans is the font used throughout all communication from Schedaero. The font is modern in it’s cut and has a nice roundness to it that helps enhance the smoothness of working with Schedaero. It also uses clear characters to make sure that all texts coming from Schedaero is easy to read. All written text from Schedaero on light background uses our Night Blue color to soften the visual apperance of the text and creates a more friendly experience for the readers eyes.



Our main imagery are images if clouds in the sky that uses a mirror effect to give Schedaero an interesting and wordly feel. There is a library of these images for use in both printed and digital material.


Our People

When talking about our people, also known as “Noders”, in articles, on the website, or on social media — we use black and white editing.


Product Graphics

When we showcase our products, we can use a simplified version of the in-system UI. This aims to highlight certain key features within our products.