Paynode brand guidelines

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Paynode Logotype

This is the original logo with brand name for vertical use, primarily when it’s possible to use big logos where the brand name comes through. The color logo is designed for use on white back-grounds but can under certain circum- stances also be used on images. For colored backgrounds and on images, there’s the negative black logo. The positive black logo is primarily designed for embossing and product related use on, for example, give-aways.




“Your new comfort zone.”

The payoff should be used in situations where Paynode is the sender of a message, and there is a need to attach a message about what Paynode is all about. Email footers, email signatures, advertisements are some examples.

Our Colours

Our main, dominating color is the Paynode Orange. It’s also the color that identifes our brand. As a complementary color, we use the Paynode Warm Grey. For more functional, guiding purposes and for some infographics, the Paynode Forest Green acts as an accent color.

Paynode Orange
CMYK C0, M55, Y100, K0
RGB R237, G139, B0
Paynode Warm Grey
CMYK C70, M65, Y65, K65
RGB R42, G42, B42
Paynode Forest Green
HEX #17453B
CMYK C85, M50, Y70, K50
RGB R23, G96, B59

Our Typography

Open sans is our main font and a key element of our visual identity. It is used in every print media and communication we create. 



The image is a connection between the aviation business and to the Paynode brand book. It’s also an obvious visualization of the comfort zone.


Our People

When talking about our people, also known as “Noders”, in articles, on the website, or on social media — we use black and white editing.


Product Graphics

When we showcase our products, we can use a simplified version of the in-system UI. This aims to highlight certain key features within our products.