Avinode brand guidelines

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Avinode Logotype

The Avinode logo is composed of two parts: the all-lowercase text and “the Node” graphic which serves as the dot on the “i”. There’s a high and a low version of the logo. As well as a digital and a print specific one.




“Another new business aviation essential from Avinode Group”

The payoff should be used in situations where Avinode is the sender of a message, and there is a need to attach a message about what Avinode Group is all about. Email footers, email signatures, advertisements are some examples.

Our Colours

The Avinode colors were chosen specifically to reflect Avinode’s innovative nature and positive energy. Our brand is synonymous with the vivid Avinode green we feature throughout our material. Because of its visual power, it’s important to get this color exactly right.

Avinode Green
HEX #82d339
CMYK C50, M0, Y100, K0
RGB R130, G211, B57
Light Beige
HEX #f6f3f0
CMYK C2, M3, Y4, K0
RGB R246, G243, B240
Dark Beige
HEX #ebe6e1
CMYK C7, M7, Y9, K0
RGB R235, G231, B226
Dark Grey
HEX #505353
CMYK C10, M4, Y9, K80
RGB R80, G83, B83

Our Complementary Colours

Beyond our primary colors, it’s often necessary to supplement with additional colors in graphs and charts when the number of variables exceeds three. These secondary colors have been developed for those occasions.

Avinode Light Blue
HEX #3e96ce
CMYK C69, M27, Y0, K19
RGB R62, G150, B206
Avinode Blue
HEX #3b6e8f
CMYK C58, M23, Y0, K43
RGB R59, G110, B143
Avinode Purple
HEX #896ba5
CMYK C16, M35, Y0, K35
RGB R137, G107, B165
Avinode Magenta
HEX #d94d84
CMYK C0, M64, Y39, K14
RGB R217, G77, B132
Avinode Orange
HEX #ed8b00
CMYK C0, M41, Y100, K7
RGB R237, G139, B0
Avinode Red
HEX #d93d00
CMYK C0, M71, Y100, K14
RGB R217, G61, B0

Our Typography

We use Arial in digital and web contexts. All text should be in gray. Gray text makes for a more pleasant reading experience by softening the contrast with white backgrounds. 


Print Typeface

Our typeface is Benton Sans, which we use in print materials. Titles, headlines and body text must all be in the Benton Sans typeface, though in varying sizes and fonts (light, book and medium). As a rule, text should be in gray, not black. The exception to this rule is more lengthy documents like letters, contracts, policies, terms of agreement, etc.



Images make a powerful impact. They communicate the emotional and conceptual essence of a brand, and thus need to be chosen with care. We use soft toned, abstract images as backgrounds or to set the tone. There is a library of these images for use in both printed and digital material.


Our People

When talking about our people, also known as “Noders”, in articles, on the website, or on social media — we use black and white editing.


Product Graphics

When we showcase our products, we can use a simplified version of the in-system UI. This aims to highlight certain key features within our products.