Avinode Group brand guidelines

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When talking about Avinode Group

When we communicate who we are – namely, not in a way that pinpoints the exact benefits of any of your products or solutions, but talks more about your approach, your customer service, what you’re up to and so on – present simple visuals with friendly and engaging photos of people, perhaps informally taken at an event, and your existing Avinode Group colours.

Our logotype

The Avinode Group logotype is the main identification carrier for our brand. As a trademark, it is also the core of the legal protection of the Avinode Group.




“Bringing you the new business aviation essentials”

The payoff  should be used in situations where Avinode Groupis the sender of a message, and there is a need to attach a message about what Avinode Group is all about. Email footers, email signatures, advertisements are some examples.

Our colours

White or calm purple should be used as the background for communication whenever possible, as it conveys the light, modern feeling. Meet the Avinode Group colors: 

Calm Purple
HEX #5D007C
CMYK C77, M100, Y15, K9
RGB R93, G0, B124
Avinode Group Purple
CMYK C32, M94, Y0, K10
RGB R154, G12, B227
Gradient Purple
CMYK C23, M95, Y0, K8
RGB R178, G11, B233
Avinode Grey
HEX #353535
CMYK C0, M0, Y0, K79
RGB R53, G53, B53
Silver Grey
CMYK C3, M3, Y0, K0
RGB R248, G247, B252
HEX #ffffff
CMYK C0, M0, Y0, K0
RGB R255, G255, B255

Our Complementary Colours

Beyond our primary colors, it’s often necessary to supplement with additional colors. They can be used to strengthen a background, header — or simply add some more colour to a presentation.

Group Pink
HEX #e80cbe
CMYK C0, M94, Y18, K9
RGB R232, G12, B190
Group Yellow
HEX #ffb527
CMYK C0, M29, Y84, K0
RGB R255, G181, B39
Group Green
HEX #1fcc75
CMYK C84, M0, Y42, K19
RGB R31, G204, B117
Group Blue
HEX #2fa5f4
CMYK C80, M32, Y0, K4
RGB R47, G165, B244

Our Typography

Benton Sans is our main font and a key element of our visual identity. It is used in every print media and communication we create. Arial is our fall-back font. It’s meant to be used only when Benton Sans isn’t available, such as on Microsoft Office. Open Sans can be used on the web.


Website Graphics

These graphical elements are examples when communicating the essential concept on the website and in digital channels.


Our People

When talking about our people, also known as “Noders”, in articles, on the website, or on social media — we use black and white editing.


Other Graphics

Graphic can be used on the web and presentations. All elements can also be used in print apart from the shaded box.