2020 year in data

With a new year just around the corner, we wanted to have a look back over this unprecedented corona-impacted year. To help us gain a perspective on some of the positive things that’s been going on, we consulted the data flowing through our platform.

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Total trip search


Total number of accepted requests


Most requests in one day

5.684.496 searches made

The total amount of searches made on Avinode Marketplace during 2020.


4.071.839 accepted requests

More than 930 companies accepted over four million requests during the year.


Top requested destinations

Use the toggle view to see most requested by airport, country or state.

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Busiest day of the year

On March 16th, we set a new all-time high for requests flowing through Avinode Marketplace. On this day alone, 58.745 trips were requested.


Most popular aircraft types

The three most requested aircraft types in Avinode Marketplace during 2020.


Citation CJ2

The most requested aircraft type during 2020 was the Citation CJ2, a light business jet built by aircraft manufacturer Cessna.

Phenom 300

The second most requested aircraft was the Phenom 300, a light jet aircraft developed by aerospace manufacturer Embraer.

Citation XLS+

The third most requested aircraft in 2020 was the Citation XLS+, a midsize business jet built by aircraft manufacturer Cessna.

Welcome onboard!

To all the 317 companies that joined our network in 2020, most welcome onboard!


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Take a spin through the archive

In January we had a look at just a few of the weird, wonderful, evolutionary and revolutionary tech developments we expected to hear more about in 2020. Instead, the year offered some real turbulence in bizav. Scroll right and take a spin through the demand report archive.


Oliver King: “Committed to meeting the needs of our customers”

At Avinode Group, the well-being of our Noders, Members, and the communities in which we work are vital priorities. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have followed developments closely. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers as events unfold.

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17 mar 2020

Future demand for private charter – European issues, US fear and intercontinental hope

The global spread of COVID-19, travel restrictions and the disintegration of commercial aviation networks have had a major impact on the private aviation industry. This article aims to show what trends we are already seeing for the next couple of months in our industry, based on data from the Avinode marketplace.

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19 mar 2020

Forward demand is last-minute demand

Last week, I updated you on forward demand, based on data from the Avinode marketplace. Overall, the trends were not promising. A few things have changed. Demand for charter, whilst weaker than usual, has not come to an abrupt stop – even with lockdowns in place.

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25 mar 2020

Coronavirus – where are we now and where are we going?

An unprecedented pandemic, coronavirus (COVID-19) is literally changing the way the world works. News – often bad, rarely good – is breaking every second. What part is bizav playing in this story?

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26 mar 2020

Rising to the challenge in a crisis – one operator’s story

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a huge impact on the entire aviation sector. But amongst the uncertainty, there are Avinode members doing incredible work to make a real difference in these difficult times.

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31 mar 2020

Charter demand shifts to lockdown realities

The COVID-19 pandemic has now reached almost every corner of the globe. This analysis of demand data passing through the Avinode marketplace offers indications of how future demand patterns are evolving.

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02 apr 2020

Entering our temporary normality

As COVID-19 spreads, the private charter industry is entering its temporary normality of supressed demand as the decline in demand flattens. In a period when demand in the US and Europe is dominated by the Easter break, this will be a holiday period like no other.

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09 apr 2020

Flat demand and changing rates

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, the major private charter markets continue to suffer with flat demand and turbulent market conditions. As companies react to the new normal, hourly rates are changing too.

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16 apr 2020

Avinode Group launches Avinode Aid to support medical relief efforts

Business aviation technology leader Avinode Group is launching Avinode Aid, a goodwill initiative utilising Avinode technology to assist the aviation community in their relief efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic. Avinode Aid is providing a new service allowing operators to place available ambulance aircraft and helicopters on the Avinode platform for free.

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22 apr 2020

Indications of lockdown end-date demand

There are demand spikes appearing at the end of stay at home orders. These are particularly pronounced for travel on the East Coast corridor and from Russia. They do not indicate a return to normal conditions – but do offer some hope.

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22 apr 2020

How can we support the bizav community through the crisis?

The global impact of the COVID-19 outbreak is truly devastating. And while health always comes first, we want to ensure we’re providing members with the support they need from us during these extraordinary times. So, we asked them.

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28 apr 2020

So much more than business aviation

In the minds of many people, private jets are often associated with the luxury lifestyles of ultra-high-net-worth individuals or the busy travel plans of C-suite executives. And our industry certainly serves these markets superbly. But the wider range of missions business and general aviation aircraft fulfill is staggering. Maybe now, more than ever, we should be spreading that message to the world.

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29 apr 2020

Putting the community first – one operator’s story

In the second in our series of features celebrating the exceptional work of members during the COVID-19 pandemic, we spoke with Ian Moore, Chief Commercial Officer at VistaJet and Vista Global Holding. Ian talked about why VistaJet is making its fleet available to governments and medical organisations to repatriate citizens, and transport medical equipment and experts around the globe. He also explained how a commitment to doing things their way has enabled VistaJet to adapt in the current climate.

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30 apr 2020

Signs of improving demand

As we saw this week, lockdown orders are constantly being extended or relaxed. Our data indicates that there is pent up demand for travel when they do end, particularly in the US, but its lopsided nature indicates that we should remain cautious about normal demand patterns returning quickly.

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30 apr 2020

Demand recovery – different places, different patterns

As presented in the last update, demand is slowly returning — at different rates, in different places and at different times. Although it’s unevenly distributed, data from Avinode Marketplace suggests a positive trend in trip demand globally, with US domestic travel looking the most optimistic.

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12 may 2020

The power of networks in times of crisis – one broker’s story

We love to hear the stories of how our customers are adapting and responding to the challenges of COVID-19. For the latest in our series of interviews we spoke with Kyle Patel, Executive & Charter Director at BitLux. Kyle explained how he was able to draw on his network of contacts to source vital PPE and transport it back to the US.

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22 may 2020

Bouncing back: why bizav won’t be beaten by COVID-19

Business aviation is an incredibly resilient industry. So when you ask us how bizav will recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re pleased to say the answers are encouraging.

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27 may 2020

Demand indicators are heading in the right direction

Demand is gradually returning. Increases across the US suggest that more normal demand patterns could be on the way in private charter’s biggest market, although post lockdown returns look like the main driver right now. Border relaxations and travel bubbles are key for a European recovery.

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28 may 2020

Demand starting to materialise for the European summer

The last couple of weeks have seen encouraging signs for demand in the European charter market. Forward looking demand data shows promising signs for July and August travel.

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11 jun 2020

What shape will recovery take?

We all want to put coronavirus, lockdowns and social distancing behind us. What form will recovery take?

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29 jun 2020

Charter rates gradually increase as demand recovery continues

Demand for global charter has been recovering in the last couple of weeks and this is now being reflected in charter rates too – increasing from dramatic price cuts seen during the peak of the crisis.

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02 jul 2020

What’s really happening in bizav right now?

So many opinions. So many theories. So many predictions. To cut through the confusion, we asked three of our senior sales executives in key regions – people at the heart of the industry – to tell us what’s actually going on in private aviation at the moment.

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16 jul 2020

When variation is the trend: Key takeaways from summer 2020

With fall upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere, we wanted to have a look back over this unprecedented corona-impacted summer. To help us gain perspective on what it has been like for Avinode members on the ground, we spoke with Armando Travieso of the charter brokerage Axis Air in Florida — one of the few markets that’s been busy of late. What trends have we seen and what conclusions can we draw about bizav’s “new normal”?

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27 aug 2020

Autumn’s demand and pricing trends

2020 has been a year like no other. What demand and pricing trends have emerged so far, and what patterns are emerging for the rest of this rollercoaster year?

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01 oct 2020